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center Ashko Engineering Consultants

Ashko for Engineering Consultations was established as an engineering and architectural consulting office in Doha, Qatar, more than 18 years ago, with an ambitious vision for a better and distinguished future. Effectively, we have been able to achieve growth in all fields and expand in all activities that include all kinds of services related to engineering and architectural consultancy.

Our Field of Work


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An engineering consulting company specialized in visiting the site twice a week and ensuring the quality and progress of work and submitting weekly reports to the owner and tenders

Ashko Engineering Consultancy Center

AshcoMore than 18 years of experience with an ambitious vision for the future Best & Distinctive

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Number of Clients
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Number of Projects
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How we work


Get the requirements

We obtain a summary of the requirements of the construction or supply project from the project owner electronically via our website or physically.

Project Review

Project information is reviewed and its requirements are updated to match the owner's budget.

Project Design and Budget

And the extent of its suitability for the owner and its consistency with the requirements of the project and its financial resources.

Obtaining government approvals

During all stages of service delivery, government approvals (municipalities, housing, development bank, etc.) are followed up by the customer relations team and the government services team.

Invitation to Tender

We publish the bid on the website platform for registered contractors for a specific period depending on the size of the project.

Contractors start bidding

Registered contractors thoroughly study the project to submit the total bid and the duration of the project.

Show Prices

The price/duration table for all participants is published for all participants and for the project owner at the same moment of closure in both live and transparent electronic simulation of the manual bidding clearing system (0% human intervention).

Company Valuation

The companies competing for the project are evaluated according to a strict system in four stages and five aspects in the presence of the owner and the supervision of the engineers of the technical department and the customer service department:.

Preparation of contracts

Contracts and schedule of payments are drafted according to the progress of the project.

Owner assistance

Assisting the owner from starting the project by supervising the contractor and the consultant, resolving disputes, managing changes, and providing legal representation to the owner in the event of a contractor’s breach, God forbid.

Free services for customers

Specifications and quantities

Setting specifications and inventorying quantities for construction projects.

Contract drafting

Drafting the necessary legal contracts between the two parties and avoiding legal disputes.

Project design

Design the entire project (architectural, services and construction).

Supporting national companies

Granting equal job opportunities to all companies, especially local medium and small companies.


Facilitating building designs and obtaining licenses for people with special needs, widows and divorced women.

Career Consulting

Providing engineering, technical and contractual consultations throughout the tender preparation period.

Resolving Disputes

We help resolve disputes between the contracting parties (the executing company, the owner and the supervising authority) by all amicable means to avoid the project being stopped for non-engineering reasons.

Budget Evaluation

The estimated budget of the project is evaluated from the initial design stages and updated according to market data and owner changes until the selection of the executing company.


Opening the application and building permit from the competent municipalities (provided that the design is compatible with the building laws of the State of Qatar).

Business Sector

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Architectural supervision

Site inspection, soil report, preparation of architectural and construction drawings, preparation of specifications booklet, preparation of building permits, and determination of workers' places of residence
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Architectural design

Design of all site studies, environmental and thermal studies, executive and construction drawings
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Building Maintenance

Full supervision of the building after its implementation and its long life span to maintain its architectural, structural and mechanical components
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Completion of construction

The building must conform to the architectural plans, and there are no building violations
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